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Autism questionnaire (Autism Quotient AQ)

The AQ-50 is a questionnaire used to detect autistic traits. The scale was developed by Baron-Cohen and colleagues at the University of Cambridge.

Time to complete this test: approximately 5 minutes.

Note that this test is not diagnostic and is meant only for entertainment and education. We may use the scores obtained in this questionnaire for research purposes, but there is no way to link it to you (we do not ask for personal data, nor do we store your computer's IP address).


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This is not a diagnostic test and is only provided for information and entertainment. We store the final score, and gender, only for our own statistics and to be able to later report on changes to population means. We do not store data that can be traced back to you (including your device IP address). Some local cookies will be stored on your computer during the questionnaire to allow final scores to be calculated. These cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser completely (for SmartPhones, we recommend a restart).